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About us

Clean water, pure air and the midnight sun all contribute to the extraordinary quality of our oats. And this is not only evident from the golden yellow colour of the oat grains, you can also taste it in the nutty flavour.

Nordic is part of Raisio group

Raisio is an international company specialised in healthy, responsibly produced food. In addition to Benecol®, Raisio’s well-known brands in Finland are Beanit®, Elovena®, Sunnuntai®, Torino®, Nalle® and Benella®. In Eastern Europe, Raisio sells oat products under the Nordic brand.

Healthy and responsible food from Raisio

Tasty and healthy food is natural and comes from the heart of its maker. As a responsible company, Raisio takes all important food-related factors into account: wellbeing, healthiness, taste and sustainability.

Our strong expertise and will to develop new products allow us to provide well-balanced food to eat with clear conscience. Raisio has convenient foods for any time of day and brings you comprehensive wellbeing and good energy.

Our food is good for Health, Heart and Earth.

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