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Nordic Oat

Nordic climate brings out the best in oats

The nordic climate brings out the best in oats

Just because Finland is located right on the Arctic circle, this does not mean that nothing grows here. Quite the contrary – oats in particular love bitterly cold winters and draw all their energy from short, intense summers.

It’s healthy
and delicious

Our whole-grain products can help you maintain a balanced diet without effort. That’s because our instant oatmeals and biscuit bars contain plenty of natural nutrients and dietary fibres. Complemented with berries, you can enjoy snacks that are both healthy and delicious. But don’t believe us – try it for yourself.

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Why Nordic

Be like the Finns – oats make a meal any time of the day

This nice thing about oatmeal is that it always tastes good. Whether it’s a delicious start to your day, an energy boost between meals or a post-exercise top-up, our instant oatmeal and biscuit bars are always a great choice when it comes to maintaining a healthy, uncomplicated diet.

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